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Solarcraft Announced as University of Houston Cougar 100 Recipient


SUGAR LAND, TX—(November 7, 2014) - Solarcraft was pleased to be recognized as part of the successful alumni business leaders that made the University of Houston Cougar 100 list.

Cougar 100 is a bold new annual tradition that identifies, recognizes and celebrates the world's fastest growing UH Cougar-owned and Cougar-led businesses, as well as, the next generation of Cougar entrepreneurs. Over 4,000 companies worldwide are owned and led by UH alumni, and the Cougar 100 demonstrates to all that they are among the finest commercial and industry leaders in the world. The listing not only celebrates these company's success, but also gives Cougars a point of pride and achievement to share with the entire community.

Solarcraft UH alumni include President Darrell Haun, Marketing Director Allison Haun, Comptroller Patricia Nguyen and R-Jay Ruiz Marketing Designer. For the full list of recipients can be found HERE >>

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Solarcraft Announces New Hire Bob Heth As Director of Sales


SUGAR LAND, TX—(September 26, 2014) - Solarcraft, Inc., the integrated power solutions company, today announced the new hire of Bob Heth as Director of Sales. In his role at Solarcraft, Heth will bring his global expertise in directing cross-functional sales, business development, operations and finance teams to help improve profitability, increase market share and strategically manage future business needs for Solarcraft’s diverse, highly-competitive and client-centric market industries.

"Bob brings a can-do attitude, international experience and an unique perspective to our business, and we are extremely happy to have him join the team," says President Darrell Haun. "We are capitalizing on Bob’s advanced analytical acumen and processes improvement methodologies to identify areas of strength and weakness, implement changes in sales processes and leverage aggressive growth strategies. Bob will be instrumental in creating and articulating a strategic vision while building, managing, mentoring and influencing our sales teams, ensuring that our company goals are met and our clients are satisfied.”

Heth comes to Solarcraft from MasterWorks International, $20B organization, in which he served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing and was responsible for driving sales and gross profit results to a 5-year high. Prior to MasterWorks, he served as Managing Partner/Senior Sales & Operations for StratACHIEVE, Inc.

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Solarcraft, Inc. Expands Services to Include Pneumatic & Hydraulic Control Panel Capabilities


HOUSTON, TX—(May 15, 2014) - Solarcraft, Inc., the critical field automation power solutions company, today announced the expansion of their commercial and industrial electronic control panel capabilities to include pneumatic and hydraulic control panel design, fabrication, controls integration, custom enclosures and Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT). This expansion builds upon Solarcraft’s business model of the one-stop shop for stand-alone integrated power and control systems products and services.

"The Solarcraft brand is known for top-quality, customized power systems and premium turn-key integration under one roof,” says President Darrell Haun. "Therefore expanding to pneumatic/hydraulic control panels is the next logical next step, allowing us to provide the full range of control solutions."

The complete line of services includes schematic drawings, system layout and design; 3-D modeling; mechanical and electrical engineering; custom enclosure concept, design and in-house fabrication; complete tube bending and panel assembly; factory acceptance testing. The benefits of a Solarcraft built system include efficient project management, turnkey sourcing for tube assembly and panel completion, custom enclosure fabrication, qualification of complete system prior to installation, shorter production time, and minimization of errors for a highly reliable end result.

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Solarcraft Announces New Hire Scott Mayo as Head of Engineering


HOUSTON, TX–(February 17, 2014) - Solarcraft, Inc. is pleased to announce new hire Scott Mayo as Engineering Manager. Highly skilled in systems integration, Mayo brings over 30 years of industrial experience in designing, developing and implementing industrial controls. He will be responsible for leading a team of engineering professionals to supply complete integrated solutions, including AC/DC motor control systems, pumping systems, valve controls, SCADA, remote terminal units, PLC programming, remote communications, as well as, growing the capabilities of Solarcraft's current products. His goal is to create a complete one-stop shop for all systems engineering, sales and service needs.

About Solarcraft, Inc.

Located in Houston, Texas, Solarcraft, Inc. is the leader in reliable, customized site power solutions for critical field locations across all markets. Solarcraft's products include UPS backup power systems, remote solar power systems, specialty power systems, enclosures, buildings, shelters and components. Solarcraft offers it's clients design, engineering, fabrication, assemble and testing of system onsite at their state-of-the-art fabrication and electronics panel shop, ensuring all aspects of production meet the highest quality standards in the industry. 

For more information, contact:Allison Haun(281) 340-1224ahaun@solarcraft.net12300 Dairy Ashford RoadSugar Land TX 77478 | USA

Solarcraft, Inc. Launches Silverline™, a New Economy Enclosure and Power System Line

HOUSTON, TX—(December 16, 2013) - Solarcraft, Inc., the critical field automation power solutions company, today announced the launch of their economy line of standard enclosures and power systems called Silverline™, providing a sensible choice for simple power applications.

Silverline™ is a straightforward, single compartment line of standard electronics enclosures designed for batteries, electronic devices, UPS backup and direct solar power configurations. These standard enclosures are ideally suited for applications where a low-cost, no-frills solution is required to meet the budget. Devices such as radios, modems, PLC’s, relays, and detectors – to name a few – can be securely housed and safely powered at outdoor installations. Silverline™ standardized enclosures and power solutions are affordably priced and provide a level of quality and protection for continuous operation.

“Our clients have asked and we have responded,” says Sales & Marketing Director, Ralph Parrott. “Our brand is known for top-quality customized power systems but sometime our clients don’t necessarily need a full-out customized solution. They have a variety of projects, some for which a standard short-term solution is all that is required. Therefore, we decided to give them the best of both worlds by providing an economical option backed by a level of quality they have come to expect with Solarcraft.”

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Hurricane Contingency Power

Dual Power Solar + UPS Systems for Continued Operation in the Wake of a Hurricane

For our customers in Florida and along the Gulf Coast, hurricanes come with the territory. As part of their hurricane contingency plan they use a Solar + UPS combination to power their radios. Powering communications with solar power is an ideal solution for off-grid sites. For sites with utility power a UPS system is more cost-effective than solar; the UPS power supply charges a battery bank and operates the load. But along the Gulf Coast, combining utility and solar to power operations through an extended power outage and limited site access.  We offer a radio power system with dual power: a DC-UPS power supply, solar panel and solar controller to keep batteries charged and the load operating regardless of weather and utility interruptions. Because the power draw is relatively small, the addition of a solar array and controller to a DC-UPS system increases cost of the system by about one third. In the event of an extend­ed utility power interruption after a storm, solar power will keep the batteries charged until utility power is restored. Communications with the site are never lost, providing valuable information and control of the assets, even when the site is inaccessible.

We offer a full range of small power systems, both solar and UPS. Contact us or call us at (866)-467-7314 to discuss the economy of adding dual power as part of your Hurricane Contingency planning.

Solar-Powered Microwave Intrusion Detection Systems


It's 2:30 a.m. when the thief begins to scale your business' cyclone fence. He tosses his kit over and makes his way to your cable. He grabs 100 pounds of your copper cable and drags his loop to the fence line. Ten minutes later he's on his way home, with a visit to the recycling center to convert your copper to $155 cash - and, you're out $2000!

Now imagine you are protected with a Solar-Powered Microwave Intrusion Detection System .... It's 2:30 a.m. when your cell phone alerts you that an intruder has penetrated the interior of your fence line. Your floodlights, audible alarm and cameras instantly activate, exposing the intruder with light and sound. He retreats back over the fence, or better yet, ends up in the back of a squad car.   Powering intrusion detection systems with solar makes economical sense. At less than $1,600 per system, it costs less than it would to trench power to the corners of your property. Solar power doesn't require dig permits and can be set up in approximately a day. When you need remote, reliable off-grid power for security, think Solarcraft. Contact us today to find out more (866) 467-7314.

Small Power Systems Connect Large Operations

Small Remote Power Systems Connect Large Operations

Solar power is ubiquitous in oil and gas production fields and along pipelines. Small solar panels and enclosure systems dot the landscape, powering all kinds of small electronic monitoring devices and communications that transmit data and commands back and forth from a central location.

Designed correctly, solar power is a long-lasting, reliable continuous power solution for remote applications. Because they are simple and efficient, solar power systems are a logical choice for powering small devices in the field. On sites where utility power is available, small devices need continuous power to avoid an interruption in operation caused by a power loss event. Thus, Solarcraft delivers almost as many UPS systems as we do solar power systems. We have developed a line of DC-UPS power supplies specifically for small power applications that simultaneously power the load and charge the batteries.

With thousands of small power systems in service all over the United States, our power solutions have a proven record for longevity and dependability.

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Keeping Watch: Powering Cameras in Remote Areas


Remote asset protection technologies are evolving rapidly, adding new capabilities and integrating internet connectivity. The newest devices are delivering more features with much lower power requirements, making solar an effective power source for devices deployed in remote locations.

For example, dramatic advances in IP camera technology are revolutionizing remote video monitoring and surveillance. The latest field IP cameras are high resolution, have all of the analytics and recording built into each unit and are fully weatherproof right out of the box. Each camera has its own built-in server, completely eliminating power hungry NVR or DVR’s. These cameras are power sippers, requiring less than 5 watts of power.

As is often the case for remote electronic applications, the issue of powering the device is left to the end user to resolve, not the device seller. Solarcraft is working directly with camera manufacturers to develop turnkey remote power solutions for field locations around the globe. Consider the advantage over the competition you will have by offering a turnkey solution — a camera and power source integrated in a complete Plug and Play package.

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Field Communications: Reliable Power Extends Your Reach


Remote communications take many forms: wireless mesh networks, radios, VSAT, satellite, cellular, microwave; all of which need reliable continuous power and quality enclosures to keep networks operating. The demand for connectivity in has extended so rapidly that it exceeds the reach of existing power and communications utilities. To close the gap, communications providers not only need to extend their own infrastructure, but also develop a means to power it. Solar power has been a go-to solution for many years, and sized correctly for the application, it is still an excellent low maintenance power source.

Solarcraft designs and builds complete remote power solutions housed in high quality enclosures to support communication devices. In many cases, the system is designed to integrate the load device such as the VSAT with the power components for a turnkey, re-deployable system.

Solar Power

In true remote locations where no utility power is available, solar power can be an economical option. It requires no refueling and preventative maintenance as do generators, and it is emission free. Solar power, designed appropriately to handle your load in worst-case conditions, will power the application reliably for many years, requiring only semi-annual battery maintenance. For small devices such as mesh network nodes and radios, a solar power system is simple and efficient, making it an excellent choice for powering small devices throughout the field.

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Solarcraft's Bus Stop Utility Shelter — An Engineered Site Solution for Time & Cost Savings


The exponential growth in shale play fields across North America is taking critical field operations into remote areas, often hundred of miles away from major population centers. Although these untapped fields offer an economic boon for rural counties, they also bring unprece-dented demands for road access, utility power, and communication infrastructure.

Producers, drillers, service companies, pipeline operators, and contractors—all need access to field sites and personnel through physical and virtual connections. Traffic choked two-lane roads create frustrating costly delays getting supplies in and out of drilling and production sites. Utility power has not extended its reach to these remote fields, and neither have the communication networks we rely on for real time operations and monitoring. The demand for services is so great that companies elect to build their own power and communication solutions rather than wait for service providers to catch up.

We set out to alleviate logistical headaches, save startup time, and reduce installation costs.

Our clients asked “Can Solarcraft provide a solution that will reduce the number of trips, trucks, time, personnel, and materials required to build an electrical or communications installation?” So we asked ourselves “can we design a factory built, rugged electrical shelter that can be transported, set, and commissioned on site without digging, pouring concrete, or constructing a structure?” 

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Solarcraft's DC-UPS: The Ultimate in DC Uninterrupted Power Systems


Having reliable uninterrupted utility power at a field site is critical for pipeline operations. Solarcraft's DC-UPS power supply produces clean reliable DC power from AC (utility) input. At the same time that the DC-UPS is powering your load, it is keeping your system's battery bank optimally charged. If utility power fails, spikes or dips, your equipment will still continue to operate with no interruptions and be fully protected from shut down or power damage. The DC-UPS is the brains of Solarcraft’s DC uninterrupted power systems.

The DC-UPS is built for loads of 200W or less, for 12VDC or 24VDC. Two sizes are available: 30W and 100W. The 100W and can be configured in parallel to power a 200 Watt load. As part of a complete Solarcraft UPS package, the DC-UPS is ideal for powering RTU/PLC’s, flow computers, and SCADA equipment. The DC-UPS has logged tens of thousands of hours of continuous operation in thousands of UPS systems, extending the life of system batteries with its smart features.

Glitchless switching provides continuous load power without transientsLow Voltage Disconnect (LVD) protects batteries from over dischargeTemperature Compensated Output provides proper voltage for battery charging over a wide temperature rangeWide operating temperature suitable for indoor or outdoor use: -20°– 60°C or -4° – 140°FTrue Universal Input 47-66 Hz; 85-265 VAC; 110-370 VDC inputPower Factor Corrected input prevents harmonic degradationLow noise output powers sensitive electronics used in control, monitoring, and communicationsConstant current limited output avoids shutdown problems common with conventional power supplies

As utility power expands farther to remote sites, and pipelines crisscross our cities, more of our clients than ever require backup power systems to keep equipment operating in the event of a power failure. In fact, at least half of the systems we build are for sites with utility power.

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Dual Door Enclosures

Improve Safety and Simplify Permit Requirements

Solarcraft dual compartment enclosures house both AC power components and DC load equipment in a single enclosure. However, some workplace safety regulations require technicians to obtain a "hot work permit" where AC power is present. A dual door enclosure allows technicians to access DC electronics such as flow computers and PLC’s, ;while safely restricting access to AC power components. Your technicians can make adjustments and take readings without a waiting for permit.

Solarcraft enclosures offer more well-thought out features for technicians.

Digital-door-displaysLow power LED lightingTechnician canopyFold down laptop shelfQuick-release radio bracketsExternal Ethernet connectionsLexan battery covers

GateLink Remote Oil Field Services Takes Delivery of Solar Power Unit


Gate Link Remote Oil Field Services inspected and took delivery of their first Remote Check Point Access System built by Solarcraft. The system powers Gate Link's automated checkpoint monitoring system, which includes license plate recognition and video cameras.

The system is comprised of a skid-mounted Mega-Box system with 840W solar array, and 530Ah battery bank. All electronics, communications and power controllers are securely mounted inside the top NEMA 4X compartment. Batteries are housed in the lower NEMA 3R compartment. The complete system is ready to install on location and can be relocated as access point's change.

Gate Link Remote Oil Field Services is located in The Woodlands, Texas, and provides remote monitoring and access control for oil field sites across Texas's Eagle Ford Shale region. Additional services include site surveillance, RFID tagging, video management, automated gate guards and gas detection.

Solarcraft Announces New Hire Ralph Parrott As Manager of Marketing & Business Development


HOUSTON, TX—(January 25, 2013) - Solarcraft, Inc., the integrated power solutions company, today announced the new hire of Ralph Parrott as Manager of Marketing & Business Development.

In his role at Solarcraft, Parrott will bring his extensive leadership experience to Solarcraft's marketing and sales teams to help define best practices including customer service management, integrated marketing programs, developing key customer relations and expansion of new business development. "Ralph brings energy, experience and an unique perspective to our business, and we are extremely happy to have him join the team," says President Darrell Haun. "Ralph is an incredibly talented executive with the intuitive ability to understand technology, marketing strategy, sales performance and the needs of a today's Marketing & Business Development Managers. As Manager, Ralph will work to ensure our most important component - bottom-line success for both our clients and Solarcraft."

Parrott comes to Solarcraft from Alternative Power Solutions, in which he was founder and served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing and that boosted over 30 employees and over $5 million in annual sales. He brings more than 20 years in construction and engineering management, as well as executive sales. Prior to Alternative Power Solutions, he served as Vertical Sales Manager of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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Solarcraft C250P Propane Fuel Cell Power System

Continuous, Compact, Clean Remote Power

Propane fuel cells are gaining notice as a viable source for remote power in situations where utility power is unavailable or solar power alone is unsuitable. Solarcraft has developed a fuel cell remote power system for clients who have continuous power requirements in extreme locations. The C250P power system combines an AMI Performer P250i propane fuel cell with 4-265 Ah storage batteries in a single specialized enclosure. An external propane tank supplies fuel to the fuel cell.

Solarcraft C250P fuel cell power systems are currently performing several field tests. The first test system was deployed by AMI in Ann Arbor, MI on December 21, 2012, during which time temperatures have dropped to -16ºC. This system is powering a 50W load continuously with a battery bank of four 265Ah lead acid batteries, and a 100lb propane fuel tank. The Smart battery charging feature means the fuel cell monitors the battery voltage and switches on when the voltage drops below a specified level. The fuel cell charges the batteries back to a specified level and switches off, and the cycle begins again.

AMI and Solarcraft used AMI's engineering model to predict the performance and fuel consumption based on the customer's load. In the field test, the fuel cell burns for 40 hours, consuming 9.2 lbs of propane, to fully charge the battery bank, followed by 135 hours of battery discharge. The system is functioning as the model predicted and continues to operate at full power.

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Uni-Box: A Workhorse Power Solution for RTU's, PLC's, SCADA & More


If you need a versatile workhorse solution for field automation, look to Solarcraft's Uni-Box line of power systems. The key benefit of the Uni-Box is that power and load equipment are housed together in a single turnkey system, tested and ready to deploy. Systems can be standardized across a project, and still customized to suit a specific location. Available power sources are utility-tied UPS, solar, or hybrid.

With dual compartment design, the Uni-Box is our most versatile Combined-Electronics-and-Power system. The lower compartment of the Uni-Box is built for standard 110Ah batteries, vented, and certified NEMA 3R. The upper compartment contains your load equipment, controllers, and chargers, in a sealed NEMA 4 certified compartment. Uni-Box systems can be upgraded to Class I Division 2 requirements.

The Uni-Box is available in singlewide and doublewide configurations; holds up to 8 110AH batteries, with room for extensive load electronics and integration. Additional enclosure features are available.

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