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Field Communications: Reliable Power Extends Your Reach


Remote communications take many forms: wireless mesh networks, radios, VSAT, satellite, cellular, microwave; all of which need reliable continuous power and quality enclosures to keep networks operating. The demand for connectivity in has extended so rapidly that it exceeds the reach of existing power and communications utilities. To close the gap, communications providers not only need to extend their own infrastructure, but also develop a means to power it. Solar power has been a go-to solution for many years, and sized correctly for the application, it is still an excellent low maintenance power source.

Solarcraft designs and builds complete remote power solutions housed in high quality enclosures to support communication devices. In many cases, the system is designed to integrate the load device such as the VSAT with the power components for a turnkey, re-deployable system.

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Solar Power

In true remote locations where no utility power is available, solar power can be an economical option. It requires no refueling and preventative maintenance as do generators, and it is emission free. Solar power, designed appropriately to handle your load in worst-case conditions, will power the application reliably for many years, requiring only semi-annual battery maintenance. For small devices such as mesh network nodes and radios, a solar power system is simple and efficient, making it an excellent choice for powering small devices throughout the field.

For applications that require more power, Solarcraft has a range of solutions. For systems requiring up to 3.5 kW, multi-panel solar arrays are mounted to a steel skid base for ease of transport and on-site deployment. The system arrives on your location ready for the framework and solar panels to be assembled. Battery enclosures and the communication devices to be powered are installed on the same skid, or on an adjacent skid, depending on the size of the enclosure and number of batteries. Solarcraft fabricates the complete system, including the steel skids, enclosures, power control panels, solar arrays, and electronics integration. The system is pre-assembled and tested at Solarcraft, then disassembled, crated and shipped to your location.

Propane fuel cell systems, propane generators, and combined power hybrid systems are an option where solar power alone is not the best solution.

UPS Power Systems Prevent Service Interruptions

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For field sites that have access to utility power, communications systems should have a backup power system. Solarcraft builds continuous UPS power solutions for applications up to 5kW, to provide seamless operation in the event of a power failure. They are battery-based UPS systems, either double-conversion AC-UPS or DC-UPS, to bridge potential power anomalies and interruptions. During the utility power outage, the power for the load is provided by the storage batteries, and there is absolutely no interruption of load equipment operation. These systems operate without a back-up generator, entirely from the reserve energy stored in batteries, for a predetermined period until the system can shut itself down or power is restored.

Whether it is for a remote or an utility-tied application, Solarcraft can develop a power solution customized for your needs. With in-house engineering, manufacturing, fabrication, and wiring, Solarcraft is positioned to deliver a turnkey power and communications system.

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