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Hurricane Contingency Power


Dual Power Solar + UPS Systems for Continued Operation in the Wake of a Hurricane

For our customers in Florida and along the Gulf Coast, hurricanes come with the territory. As part of their hurricane contingency plan they use a Solar + UPS combination to power their radios. Powering communications with solar power is an ideal solution for off-grid sites. For sites with utility power a UPS system is more cost-effective than solar; the UPS power supply charges a battery bank and operates the load. But along the Gulf Coast, combining utility and solar to power operations through an extended power outage and limited site access. 
We offer a radio power system with dual power: a DC-UPS power supply, solar panel and solar controller to keep batteries charged and the load operating regardless of weather and utility interruptions. Because the power draw is relatively small, the addition of a solar array and controller to a DC-UPS system increases cost of the system by about one third. In the event of an extend­ed utility power interruption after a storm, solar power will keep the batteries charged until utility power is restored. Communications with the site are never lost, providing valuable information and control of the assets, even when the site is inaccessible.

We offer a full range of small power systems, both solar and UPS. Contact us or call us at (866)-467-7314 to discuss the economy of adding dual power as part of your Hurricane Contingency planning.

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