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Keeping Watch: Powering Cameras in Remote Areas


Remote asset protection technologies are evolving rapidly, adding new capabilities and integrating internet connectivity. The newest devices are delivering more features with much lower power requirements, making solar an effective power source for devices deployed in remote locations.

For example, dramatic advances in IP camera technology are revolutionizing remote video monitoring and surveillance. The latest field IP cameras are high resolution, have all of the analytics and recording built into each unit and are fully weatherproof right out of the box. Each camera has its own built-in server, completely eliminating power hungry NVR or DVR’s. These cameras are power sippers, requiring less than 5 watts of power.

As is often the case for remote electronic applications, the issue of powering the device is left to the end user to resolve, not the device seller. Solarcraft is working directly with camera manufacturers to develop turnkey remote power solutions for field locations around the globe. Consider the advantage over the competition you will have by offering a turnkey solution — a camera and power source integrated in a complete Plug and Play package.

A solar powered solution allows the IP cameras to be deployed just about anywhere around the world. Solarcraft provides the power solution integrated in sanctioned enclosures to support the electronic devices, power controllers, and batteries needed for a remote application. The camera is fully integrated into Solarcraft’s power solution so it arrives on site ready to be deployed.

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