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Small Power Systems Connect Large Operations


Small Remote Power Systems Connect Large Operations

Solar power is ubiquitous in oil and gas production fields and along pipelines. Small solar panels and enclosure systems dot the landscape, powering all kinds of small electronic monitoring devices and communications that transmit data and commands back and forth from a central location.

Designed correctly, solar power is a long-lasting, reliable continuous power solution for remote applications. Because they are simple and efficient, solar power systems are a logical choice for powering small devices in the field. On sites where utility power is available, small devices need continuous power to avoid an interruption in operation caused by a power loss event. Thus, Solarcraft delivers almost as many UPS systems as we do solar power systems. We have developed a line of DC-UPS power supplies specifically for small power applications that simultaneously power the load and charge the batteries.

With thousands of small power systems in service all over the United States, our power solutions have a proven record for longevity and dependability.

small backup power system

A long lasting system starts with a high quality box.

Solarcraft enclosures are constructed of heavy gauge aluminum, with separate Type 4X electronics compartments and Type 3R battery compartments. Enclosures are white powder coated for durability and heat reflectivity.

Type 4X Sealed Compartment

The Type 4R compartment is sealed to prevent moisture from entering the enclosure and corroding electronics. Load devices such as radios, DIN rail-mounted fuses and terminals, lightning protection, cable glands, and grounding plug are installed in the Type 4 compartment of the enclosure. The charge controller for the system is also installed in this compartment.

Type 3R Vented Compartment

The Type 3R battery compartment is vented to allow proper air circulation for the batteries, and will contain one or two 110Ah deep cycle gel cell batteries. (Insert hyperlink to battery page)

Integral Mounting Flanges

The enclosure and solar array can be pole mounted, Unistrut, or tower mounted. Integral mounting flange is pre-drilled for 2”- 4” pole mount or Rohn tower mount.

Solar power, UPS continuous power, or both

Solarcraft systems are available for solar applications as well as continuous power UPS for locations with utility power. Instead of a solar panel and solar charge controller, UPS systems have a Solarcraft DC-UPS power supply that continually powers the load while charging the batteries. A dual power system with both Solar and UPS power is available for special circumstances like hurricane prone locations with utility power.

All three packages can power most flow computers and as well as a radio. Other devices are listed below. Be sure to collect accurate load and duty cycle information before ordering your system.

Radios                               Repeaters                  Ethernet switches
PoE switches                     PoE injectors             Fiber switches
Wireless gateways             PLC’s                        Tank gauging
Gas detectors                    Flow computers         Level sensors
PLC’s                                 RTU’s

Class I Div 2

For hazardous areas, solar and UPS powered systems can be built with approved components and certified Class I Div 2.

small ups backup power system


  • Heavy gauge aluminum enclosure with pre-drilled mounting flange
  • All stainless hardware and lockable compression latch
  • High reflectance white powder coated finish keeps batteries cool
  • Includes lightning protection and fused disconnects for all power connections
  • Five-year system warranty: battery is prorated.
  • 110Ah deep cycle gel cell battery
  • Code compliant when installed with rigid conduit or armored cable.
  • CID2 certified systems available
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