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Solar-Powered Microwave Intrusion Detection Systems


It's 2:30 a.m. when the thief begins to scale your business' cyclone fence. He tosses his kit over and makes his way to your cable. He grabs 100 pounds of your copper cable and drags his loop to the fence line. Ten minutes later he's on his way home, with a visit to the recycling center to convert your copper to $155 cash - and, you're out $2000!

Now imagine you are protected with a Solar-Powered Microwave Intrusion Detection System .... It's 2:30 a.m. when your cell phone alerts you that an intruder has penetrated the interior of your fence line. Your floodlights, audible alarm and cameras instantly activate, exposing the intruder with light and sound. He retreats back over the fence, or better yet, ends up in the back of a squad car. 
Powering intrusion detection systems with solar makes economical sense. At less than $1,600 per system, it costs less than it would to trench power to the corners of your property. Solar power doesn't require dig permits and can be set up in approximately a day. When you need remote, reliable off-grid power for security, think Solarcraft. Contact us today to find out more (866) 467-7314.

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