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Solarcraft, Inc. Launches Silverline™, a New Economy Enclosure and Power System Line

HOUSTON, TX—(December 16, 2013) - Solarcraft, Inc., the critical field automation power solutions company, today announced the launch of their economy line of standard enclosures and power systems called Silverline™, providing a sensible choice for simple power applications.

Silverline™ is a straightforward, single compartment line of standard electronics enclosures designed for batteries, electronic devices, UPS backup and direct solar power configurations. These standard enclosures are ideally suited for applications where a low-cost, no-frills solution is required to meet the budget. Devices such as radios, modems, PLC’s, relays, and detectors – to name a few – can be securely housed and safely powered at outdoor installations. Silverline™ standardized enclosures and power solutions are affordably priced and provide a level of quality and protection for continuous operation.

“Our clients have asked and we have responded,” says Sales & Marketing Director, Ralph Parrott. “Our brand is known for top-quality customized power systems but sometime our clients don’t necessarily need a full-out customized solution. They have a variety of projects, some for which a standard short-term solution is all that is required. Therefore, we decided to give them the best of both worlds by providing an economical option backed by a level of quality they have come to expect with Solarcraft.”

The Silverline™ enclosures allow for batteries to be placed in the vented lower half of the compartment, utilizing the weight of the batteries to stabilize the enclosure and solar arrays, if applicable. Small enclosures are suitable for pole or tower mounting, while medium to large enclosures have an optional pedestal base. Standard features include .063 and .090" gauge aluminum; riveted construction; aluminum backplane; concealed hinges that are tamper resistant; stainless steel over-center latches; memory resistant 375" gasket material that seals out water from battery and electronics compartments; filtered vents; and brushed aluminum finish. All are constructed to NEMA 3R standards.

“The enclosures are still extremely versatile and can be distributed quickly to sites because we manufacture them at our facility in Texas,” says President Darrell Haun. “They are ideal for electronics, SCADA, communications, monitoring and detection and can be utilized in a variety of other applications. The best part is with our full engineering and technical support team here we can build the electronics panels to our client’s specifications for any application or project.”

Silverline™ enclosures and power systems can be purchased by contacting a Solarcraft Technical Associate at 877-340-1224.

About Solarcraft, Inc.

Located just outside Houston, Texas, Solarcraft, Inc. is the leader in reliable, customized site power solutions for critical field locations across all markets. Solarcraft's products include UPS backup power systems, remote solar power systems, specialty power systems, enclosures, buildings, shelters and components. Solarcraft offers it's clients design, engineering, fabrication, assembly and testing of systems onsite at their state-of-the-art fabrication and electronics panel shop, ensuring all aspects of production meet the highest quality standards in the industry.

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