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Solarcraft's Bus Stop Utility Shelter — An Engineered Site Solution for Time & Cost Savings


The exponential growth in shale play fields across North America is taking critical field operations into remote areas, often hundred of miles away from major population centers. Although these untapped fields offer an economic boon for rural counties, they also bring unprece-dented demands for road access, utility power, and communication infrastructure.

Producers, drillers, service companies, pipeline operators, and contractors—all need access to field sites and personnel through physical and virtual connections. Traffic choked two-lane roads create frustrating costly delays getting supplies in and out of drilling and production sites. Utility power has not extended its reach to these remote fields, and neither have the communication networks we rely on for real time operations and monitoring. The demand for services is so great that companies elect to build their own power and communication solutions rather than wait for service providers to catch up.

We set out to alleviate logistical headaches, save startup time, and reduce installation costs.

Our clients asked “Can Solarcraft provide a solution that will reduce the number of trips, trucks, time, personnel, and materials required to build an electrical or communications installation?” So we asked ourselves “can we design a factory built, rugged electrical shelter that can be transported, set, and commissioned on site without digging, pouring concrete, or constructing a structure?” 

The solution we have developed is an engineered prefabricated rugged steel "Bus Stop" shelter.

It is comprised of a skid base, notched steel upright supports, Unistrut attachment rails, and steel roof. The covered Bus Stop shelters consolidate multiple control enclosures, and provide an extra measure of protection for on-site electronics and power systems. The skid base is set and secured onto a pair of engineered concrete blocks, called ballast blocks, for stability, counter weight, and above grade installation. Two ballast blocks are sufficient for most installations; two more blocks can be added to counter extreme wind loading.


  • Steel oil field style skid with forklift slots and tow pins
  • Galvanized or powder coated steel upright supports with notched attachment points for Unistrut rails
  • Horizontal unistrut attachment rails for enclosures
  • Sturdy roof construction made of Galvanized steel or Galvannealed steel with powder coat finish
  • Designed to withstand 90lbs per square foot of snow load, and 90 mph wind gusts
  • Engineered reinforced concrete ballast blocks for above-grade installation, stabilized foundation 
  • Galvanized steel channel and pivoting claw fasteners enable secure skid connection points even if the beams are slightly misaligned


  • Factory assembled and transported to site on flat bed boom truck
  • No concrete pad or set-in-concrete posts required; no cement truck or onsite mixing required; no ground penetration required
  • Leveled gravel pad is all that’s required for installation
  • Reduced permitting requirements: no fixed structure and no digging 
  • Can be picked up and relocated
  • No infrastructure left behind after the site is decommissioned


  • Discrete power and electronics enclosures built and tested by Solarcraft; Factory tested and installed on Bus Stop 
  • Enclosures base mounted or unistrut rail mount
  • Aluminum or galvanized steel deck plate with various configuration options
  • Fixed full deck plate, partial deck plate, removable modular deck plate panels to access to install conduit
  • Galvanized or powder coat finished
  • Galvannealed steel, carbon steel
  • Roof mounted or skid mounted solar array for power generation
  • LED work lights

With the logistical challenges presented at remote fields, the sturdy "Bus Stop" electrical shelter is a time and cost saving solution. They are completely customized to fit your site requirements. Because the shelters are delivered assembled in a single unit to the location, they eliminate construction permit requirements. When the site is no longer in use, the shelter and skid base are easily transported off the site, leaving no structure behind.

For more information on how your company can obtain this smart solution, contact a Solarcraft Associate at (877) 340-1224 or via email. Or download the Solarcraft Bus Stop Shelter flyer.

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