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Solarcraft's DC-UPS: The Ultimate in DC Uninterrupted Power Systems


Having reliable uninterrupted utility power at a field site is critical for pipeline operations. Solarcraft's DC-UPS power supply produces clean reliable DC power from AC (utility) input. At the same time that the DC-UPS is powering your load, it is keeping your system's battery bank optimally charged. If utility power fails, spikes or dips, your equipment will still continue to operate with no interruptions and be fully protected from shut down or power damage. The DC-UPS is the brains of Solarcraft’s DC uninterrupted power systems.

The DC-UPS is built for loads of 200W or less, for 12VDC or 24VDC. Two sizes are available: 30W and 100W. The 100W and can be configured in parallel to power a 200 Watt load. As part of a complete Solarcraft UPS package, the DC-UPS is ideal for powering RTU/PLC’s, flow computers, and SCADA equipment. The DC-UPS has logged tens of thousands of hours of continuous operation in thousands of UPS systems, extending the life of system batteries with its smart features.

  • Glitchless switching provides continuous load power without transients
  • Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) protects batteries from over discharge
  • Temperature Compensated Output provides proper voltage for battery charging over a wide temperature range
  • Wide operating temperature suitable for indoor or outdoor use: -20°– 60°C or -4° – 140°F
  • True Universal Input 47-66 Hz; 85-265 VAC; 110-370 VDC input
  • Power Factor Corrected input prevents harmonic degradation
  • Low noise output powers sensitive electronics used in control, monitoring, and communications
  • Constant current limited output avoids shutdown problems common with conventional power supplies

As utility power expands farther to remote sites, and pipelines crisscross our cities, more of our clients than ever require backup power systems to keep equipment operating in the event of a power failure. In fact, at least half of the systems we build are for sites with utility power.

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