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Uni-Box: A Workhorse Power Solution for RTU's, PLC's, SCADA & More



If you need a versatile workhorse solution for field automation, look to Solarcraft's Uni-Box line of power systems. The key benefit of the Uni-Box is that power and load equipment are housed together in a single turnkey system, tested and ready to deploy. Systems can be standardized across a project, and still customized to suit a specific location. Available power sources are utility-tied UPS, solar, or hybrid.

With dual compartment design, the Uni-Box is our most versatile Combined-Electronics-and-Power system. The lower compartment of the Uni-Box is built for standard 110Ah batteries, vented, and certified NEMA 3R. The upper compartment contains your load equipment, controllers, and chargers, in a sealed NEMA 4 certified compartment. Uni-Box systems can be upgraded to Class I Division 2 requirements.

The Uni-Box is available in singlewide and doublewide configurations; holds up to 8 110AH batteries, with room for extensive load electronics and integration. Additional enclosure features are available.

Solarcraft Uni Box Southern

Photo above: Developing a range of standard field solutions like this one for Southern Union is what we do best. Batteries, power supplies, and control panel in a single unit.

solarcraft uni box dual entry

Above, a modified Uni-Box for a communications application; has front and rear access doors, air conditioned electronics compartment, power supplies, and batteries in a single unit.

solarcraft uni box cimation

Photo above: Pole mounted  2-battery Uni-Box with solar array and technician's canopy.

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