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Custom Power System Enclosures

Custom Power System EnclosuresWhen re-purposing an off-the-shelf enclosure for a specific set of conditions introduces complications and "work-arounds", building a custom enclosure is the best solution.

At Solarcraft, we not only design and engineer custom enclosures, we also build them right here in our facility. We have one of the largest Amada laser cutters in the region, capable of precision cutting small metal components all the way up to 14-foot sheets of metal. We have a complete metal fabrication shop with press brakes, welding and more.

Custom Integrated Power System Enclosures

We have built enclosures mounted on wheels, skids, and raised platforms. Where extreme heat or cold reduces battery life, we build systems with sunshades, insulation, heat shields, and heating and cooling systems. We have built enclosures with various door bracings, locks, hinges, and lifting eyes. We have even built enclosures to withstand submersion in floodwater while still protecting the sensitive instruments housed inside.

We fabricate with stainless steel, aluminum, and Galvannealed steel.

Custom Power System Enclosures
A solar powered injection pump system for offshore platforms. To minimize potential damage while in transport to the platform deck, the enclosure has reinforced walls and an integrated compartment for the solar panel.
UPS backup battery and electronics enclosure with front and rear access doors, and side mounted cooling system.
Custom Power System Enclosures
Methanol fuel cell power system with
fuel tanks and waste water reservior,
removable front door panel for use
on rail systems.
Custom Power System Enclosures
Modular Motor Control Center (MCC) enclosure of powder coated 12 gauge galvannealed steel, built to NEMA 3R conformance specifications.




Custom Power System Enclosures

Outdoor NEMA 4 Telecom Enclosure, 8' x 6' x 3' fully insulated, accessible front and back through double doors, rain shield, dual rack mount capacity, three air conditioners, and interior LED lighting.

Custom Power System Enclosures





Outdoor dual compartment enclosure for electronics
and back-up batteries; rack mount, battery pullout
trays and 16-265Ah batteries.



Solarcraft, Inc. located in Sugar Land Texas, warrants that your product at the time of shipment, will be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of five years from the date of shipment. This warranty is limited to products manufactured by, and work produced by Solarcraft, Inc. All components manufactured by a third party carry their own separate warranty, which cannot be combined with Solarcraft’s. 

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