Continuous Power for Critical Field Electronics

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Criticial Field Power Systems & Solutions

Solarcraft specializes in highly reliable, remote solar power systems for criticial field applications. We build power-only units or integrated systems with power and load components integrated into a single package. With a full in-house metal fabrication shop, we build a range of standard and custom power systems that include enclosures, cabinets, shelters and engineered to order add-on options.

Skid mounted solar power and battery systemSolar Power Systems >>

For remote locations where utility power is unavailable, solar power combined with batteries offers a cost-effective and reliable long-term power solution. C1DII certified systems available. 

Grid-tie UPS systemBackup Power Systems >>

Locations with access to utility power require secure backup to ensure continuous operation in the event of power interruption or failure.

Hybrid Power SystemHybrid Power Systems >>

In some regions, no single power source is reliable 365-days a year, so to produce reliable power often two or more power sources need to be combined for optimal year-round power.

DC power generatorDC Generator Systems >>

This propane fueled DC power generator is ideal for remote locations where continuous power is required and solar or wind power alone is unreliable.

PNEU-90x90.jpgPneumatic and Hydraulic Control Panels >>

Solarcraft offers a full line of control panel capabilities, including pneumatic and hydraulic control panels, custom panel design and fabrication, controls integration, custom enclosures, and FAT testing.

Power Distribution CenterPower Distribution Center >>

These rugged AC/UPS Power Distribution Centers not only distribute power to an entire site but resolves site permitting issues, provides clean compact UPS power generation & consolidates resources.

standard enclosuresEnclosures >>

We build standard, economy and custom enclosures: from small pole-mounted battery boxes to large skid mounted enclosures, hardened equipment cabinets and NEMA 3R/NEMA 4X dual compartment enclosures. 

Pre-fabricated aluminum buildingWalk-In Enclosures >>

Our customized, prefabricated steel buildings provide an extra measure of protection for onsite instrumentaion, electronics, controls and power systems.

site sheltersShelters >>

Design a factory built, Solarcraft's rugged site shelters can be transported, set and commissioned on site without digging, pouring concrete or constructing a structure.

DC-UPS power supply componentsComponents >>

Solarcraft's DC-UPS Power Supply converts 120VAC input power to 12 or 24VDC output, to simultaneously power the load and charge backup batteries. DC to DC converters and batteries as well.



Solarcraft, Inc. located in Sugar Land Texas, warrants that your product at the time of shipment, will be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of five years from the date of shipment. This warranty is limited to products manufactured by, and work produced by Solarcraft, Inc. All components manufactured by a third party carry their own separate warranty, which cannot be combined with Solarcraft’s. 

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