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UPS Backup Power Systems

UPS Backup Power SystemsWhen truly uninterrupted power is required, battery based UPS systems are used to bridge a loss of utility power. There are many good off-the-shelf UPS products available, but when none of these meet an application's requirements, Solarcraft offers a range of custom battery backup power solutions.

UPS Battery Backup Power Solutions

  • DC-UPS
  • Double Conversion AC-UPS
  • Dual AC and DC Power

Solarcraft backup power systems provide continuous reliable power for grid-tied critical field electronics. When utility power is interrupted, spikes, or fails, your equipment is protected from suddenly shutting down or sustaining damage, and will continue to operate according to a predetermined protocol.

Solarcraft designs battery-based UPS systems, either double-conversion AC-UPS or DC-UPS, to bridge potential power anomalies. During the utility power outage, the power for the load is provided by the storage batteries, and there is absolutely no interruption of load equipment operation. These power systems operate without a back-up generator, entirely from the reserve energy stored in batteries, for a predetermined period until the system can shut itself down or power is restored.

UPS Backup Power SystemsSolarcraft sales and engineering work closely with you to design the most reliable, cost effective solutions. Evaluating loads, site conditions, and autonomy requirements (period of battery powered operation), we size your system and recommend a very dependable solution.

We encourage customers to visit our facility to inspect the progress of their power system throughout the manufacturing process. Important design decisions are refined during these mutually beneficial visits.

Solarcraft, Inc. located in Sugar Land Texas, warrants that your product at the time of shipment, will be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of five years from the date of shipment. This warranty is limited to products manufactured by, and work produced by Solarcraft, Inc. All components manufactured by a third party carry their own separate warranty, which cannot be combined with Solarcraft’s. 

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