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Solar Power Systems

solar power system manufacturerSolarcraft has been designing and building extremely reliable solar power systems since the mid-nineties for industrial and commercial applications. Solar power is an ideal power source for field locations where there is no utility power or where it is cost-prohibitive to run utility lines to the site. A correctly sized and deployed solar power system can perform without interruption, and with little maintenance for many years.

Solarcraft's Approach to System Design

We begin the process of sizing a system by accurately defining the load and assessing the location conditions. We use a combination of trusted software and years of experience to carefully size the systems we build. Instead of calculating the solar array size based on the average annual sun hours for a location, Solarcraft refers to typical winter sun hours. During the summer, your system will operate perfectly. During winter periods of low sun or cloudy conditions, the system will continue to operate as well as in the summer.  See our solar insulation map.

There are other variables to consider: voltage, duty cycles, location access, weather and temperature, and more contribute to the design of the system. This customized approach assures that we deliver the best power solution.

solar power system manufacturerSolar Power Station Benefits

  • Reliable continuous power
  • Low-maintenance and long life
  • Fixed operating cost
  • Emission-free and noise free

We encourage customers to visit our facility to inspect the progress of their indsutrial power system throughout the manufacturing process. Important design decisions are refined during these mutually beneficial visits.



Solarcraft, Inc. is a certified facility located in Sugar Land, Texas, building systems to conform to UL508 specifications. Solarcraft, Inc. warrants that at the time of shipment, the systems manufactured by Solarcraft will be free of defects both in materials and workmanship for five years from the date of purchase.

Batteries are warranted on a prorated basis for three years.

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