Continuous Power for Critical Field Electronics

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Continuous Power Systems & Solar Power Components

Solarcraft continuous power components have a proven track record. Our DC-UPS power supply is a unique product for DC powered backup applications which converts AC utility power to DC power for charging storage batteries.

Continuous Power SystemsDC-UPS Power Supply
Conventional power supplies are poor battery chargers and battery chargers are poor power supplies. Solarcraft’s DC-UPS resolves these shortfalls by delivering clean uninterrupted power to DC loads while maintaining battery charge levels.

For more information, view the DC-UPS product page.

DC-DC Converter for regulated input voltage
Some devices cannot tolerate a range of input power, thus regulated input is required. To correct the input power factor, Solarcraft manufactures a range of DC-DC converters. This line of converters offer:

  • Voltage accuracy of ±1.0%
  • Efficiency to 85%
  • Continuous short circuit protection
  • Back plane mounting acts as a heat sink


System Replacement Batteries

Continuous Power Systemssolar power componentsSolarcraft offers replacement batteries. Our standard batteries are high quality DEKA Batteries, sealed, valve-regulated, gelled-electrolyte, deep cycle batteries. We carry 110Ah 31 Series, 265Ah 8G8D series, and the Unigy II. DEKA batteries are manufactured in the USA.


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