Keeping Your Site in Your Sights – Always

The phenomenal development of domestic oil and gas fields has attracted some not-so-welcome players. Modern oilfield thieves operate in remote locations stealing valuable assets. Or, theft can take place in plain sight disguised as normal operations as vehicles enter and leave the site. Oilfield theft is underreported but is estimated to cost the industry hundreds of millions each year, and it is on the rise. The targets range from oil and gas itself, expensive high-tech equipment, communication equipment, heavy machinery, valves, pipe, tools, batteries, solar panels, vehicles and laptops.

Minimize Your Risk Through Planning and Deterrence

Be sure to develop a site security plan that includes reliable remote systems that restrict access, visually monitor vehicles and personnel at access points and collect and report data. An Internet-based system provides a secure connection to authorized personnel in real time, in your vehicle, from a central field office, or headquarters located hundreds of miles away.

Install integrated power and control systems like these built by Solarcraft:

Documentation Reduces Liability

Even when their purpose is legitimate, any non-company personnel on a site can pose a potential threat to your operations, safety and the security of the landowner. With a gate access system in place you can document the movement of contractors and suppliers entering and leaving a site. Effectively limiting site access as well as logging personnel reduces liability in the event of an incident.

Site Monitoring Systems are Worth the Investment Everytime

There are many types of security technologies on the market today including license plate recognition, low power cameras, microwave intrusion detection, GPS sensor tags, remote monitoring and network communications. These intelligent technologies can’t always prevent a loss, but will help deter theft and assist in recovery and prosecution. For example, motion activated cameras and lights record footage that will make tracking criminals easier for law enforcement.

Partnering to Ensure Your Investment

Solarcraft partners with knowledgeable providers to design and build robust power packages; components are integrated with uninterruptible power sources and housed in quality enclosures. The system is only as effective as the power that operates it, and the components are only as secure as the enclosure in which it is installed.

A correctly designed solar power system, or in the case where utility power is available, a UPS battery backup, will ensure that cameras and monitoring equipment are always on, keeping your site in your sights.

More tips for secure sites --- don’t overlook the obvious:

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