Let Us Supply Your Key Components and Help Reduce Your Lead Times

The Frustration of Schedule Delays

One of the most frustrating status reports in our production department is “waiting on customer supplied parts”. Vexing to schedulers, expediters and customers alike, it means an almost-completed system is held up because a key component is still on order. The result is that delivery dates are extended, and shipping and installation schedules have to be adjusted. This is not only frustrating; it is expensive to all parties involved.

The Causes

Extended manufacturer’s lead times. Sourcing problems. Overseas shipping delays. Unresponsive suppliers. Some of the most hard-to-get components are also the heart of the systems:

  • RTU and PLC’s (including Emerson ControlWave, Fisher Roc, Thermo Fisher, ABB Total Flow, SCADA Pack, and Eagle)
  • PLC power and I.O. cards (including ControlWave, Fisher Roc)
  • Door Displays and Interface Keypads
  • DC to AC Inverters
  • Solar Controllers
  • Radios (Including AirLink, Freewave, MDS)
  • Enclosure Climate Control Units (Including Iceqube and Noren)
  • Ethernet Switches
  • Routers
  • Gas Chromatographs
  • Pressure and Temperature Transmitters

The Solarcraft Work Around:  At Solarcraft we routinely specify, procure and/or inventory these items to complete system integration orders. We work hard to develop and maintain an advantageous relationship with multiple part suppliers. As a result we can often procure components in less time and at lower prices than companies that purchase them sporadically. We maintain a stock of common parts that have historically long lead times such as I.O. cards and RTU’s.

Reduce logistics and coordination
Sourcing components, getting approvals, and issuing purchase orders take time. Then there is the lead-time getting your parts to Solarcraft. These components are often very costly, and must be accounted for and tracked when they leave your facility and are delivered to ours. Before going to all that trouble, check with your sales representative to see if we can provide those parts for you. In many cases we have the parts or can get them quickly, so your systems can be built and delivered promptly.

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