Product Development

When Design, Engineering & Custom Fabrication Capabilities Reach New Heights

Imagine you have developed an idea, sketched it on a napkin, successfully pitched it to your client who requires just such solution, and now you are ready to take your idea to the next step. You need a working prototype and you do not have your own R&D shop. Who do you work with to propel your concept to reality?


  • Mechanical and electrical engineering design
  • Fabrication drawings
  • Custom metal fabrication
  • Electrical integration
  • Power integration
  • Human interface and ergonomics
  • System testing
  • Revisions and improvements until the final product is reached

Each of the steps outlined above likely signifies a separate entity, requiring you to manage the project step by step. Expediting the project becomes a full time job of coordinating schedules from several service providers. In addition, there are numerous time delays while the project moves back and forth through revisions.

Where Does a Custom Solution End and Product Development Begin?

At Solarcraft, we build custom power solutions that include optional customizable features. Historically we have occupied a niche in the remote power market because we are a manufacturer as well as a specialty integrator, which enables us to execute custom solutons.

At times, the line between custom solutions and product development gets blurred as the scope of a project extends beyond customization. A new solution that does not yet exist is required to meet the needs of the application. That is where we are uniquely positioned to have all the capabilities in one place to offer product development.

► Design & Engineering

Over the years we have developed a talented in-house design and engineering team. Their expertise includes materials knowledge, production processes, power generation and storage, and electronics. With 3-D modeling in SolidWorks, they are able to design the mechanical aspect of our products and take it through production, fabrication, evaluation and revisions and back to fabrication, all relatively seamlessly. Bridging the gap between engineering and fabrication in a single facility allows the two disciplines to collaborate on design and manufacturing decisions. Not only does this save you time on the front end, but improves material and component selection, manufacturing processes for the final product for future production runs.  

Pictured: SolidWorks 3-D modeling used in the design process helps calculate material requirements and load simulations as well as visualize the final product.

► Full Metal Fabrication Facility

We have a full state-of-the-art metal fabrication shop on-site, complete with an Amada Laser and press brake. All metal design and fabrication is done in-house, allowing revisions to be made and executed efficiently.   

► Power & System Integration

At Solarcraft, system integration means specifying and installing power components to operate a load; installing load components displays, communication devices, and more; wiring complex control panels; and finally integrating it all in our quality enclosures, resulting in a highly reliable turnkey system.

► Certification Coordination

If certification if required, we can coordinate the process with a third-party independent certification inspector. We deliver a complete system, certified and ready to deploy at a Hazardous Location.

► Shipping & Field Start-up

We build our own heavy-duty pallets in house to ensure the system arrives safely on location. Once in the field, the process can also include system start-up in the field with the assistance of a Solarcraft technician. 

Beginning to End : We've Got You Covered

Although product development is by no means a core offering, it challenges us to apply our knowledge, informs us of new technologies, and provides an avenue to develop new business. And, most importantly we are proud to have played a role in our clients’ success!

Forego the headaches, costs and safety concerns, by contacting a Solarcraft Technical Associate today so he can assist you every step of the way with your new great project (877) 340-1224.

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